What’s NicheReps all About? sourcing the top, passive talent in Medical Sales. That’s it.

Our focus is our strength

There are few sales jobs more niche than medical sales. It takes a special breed to balance the passion of patient care, perseverance, and drive to pull it all off.

The risks are high, and so are the rewards – true for reps, and true for their employers.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve built our network and expertise in this space. We know what good looks like as a TM, in market development, as a regional director, complicated capital sales, how to pitch to the C-suite, and the hard work it takes to master each unique procedure.

We get it, and we get what it takes to win today as a modern NicheRep.

Let us help you find your next good hire.

Welcome to NicheReps Medical

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Medical Device Sales
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Passive Talent Sourcing
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Talent Recruitment Agency
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Retained and Contingent Basis
Our approach enables our clients to reduce HR costs and focus on what’s most important: their business.

Industries We Serve


Medical Device Sales

We source the best, passive talent in medical device and capital equipment sales.


Med Tech & Digitial Health

We also serve the medical technology sector, providing top talent for this new and emerging sector of healthcare.


Pharmaceutical Field

We deliver results for small to large biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, device, and CRO companies looking to grow their salesforce.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Recruiters
Specialized Niche Focus
Passive Talent Sourcing